Reusable Headform Small – Medium Tone

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Reimagine possibilities like never before with our Reusable Headform, the essential companion to our Cap Series product line. Crafted from recyclable ABS, this tool is not just recyclable itself—it’s your gateway to a sustainable journey of lifelong learning. Dive into boundless creativity by effortlessly popping on and off caps of different hair colors, lengths, and textures with ease. 

Product listing is compatible with all small-sized caps. Refer to “Head Size” in the cap product listing to ensure compatibility. Reusable Headform is available in three color tones.

Compatibility: Alyse Cap, Amber Cap, Bailey Cap, Bicolor Cap, Color Quadrant Cap, Diane Cap, Erika Cap, Gwyn Cap, Ivee Cap, Janet Cap, Kate Cap, Lana Cap, Lydia Cap, Madi Cap, and Robin Cap.

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