Pivot Point LAB, the on-line platform with teaching and learning resources for learners and their educators, will include exciting new resources for the 2020/21 academic year. In addition to new content for Level 2 and 3 Hairdressing and Level 2 Beauty, Pivot Point LAB will also include exciting new contents from Pivot Point Fundamentals of Barbering.




Sophia Hilton LOVES Pivot Point Training Heads

Training heads provide the perfect way to support hairdressing education within your salon or academy.  Here at Salons Direct we offer a fantastic range of EDUCATION materials including PIVOT POINT TRAINING HEADS. The professional range includes competition heads, snap cap mannequins, tripods, wefts and much more.

We recently discovered that the hugely talented SOPHIA HILTON founder of NOT ANOTHER SALON, (a leading East London hair salon and academy training students in professional HAIR COLOUR work) loves the DIANE PIVOT POINT TRAINING HEAD.  Sophia took 5 minutes from her busy salon schedule and growing a baby to tell us why….



How Pivot Point Mannequins Are Made


Ever wonder how our mannequins are made? There are many steps that include cuticle smoothing, bathing, conditioning, drying, hackling, mask makeup, implantation, and much more. This carefully executed process gives you the most realistic educational experience possible!