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March 15th, 2024

For over sixty years, we’ve pursued perfection in Educational Hair. With every product we craft, we’re not just giving you tools—we’re giving you a promise: a promise of reliability, consistency and realistic results.

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Our new Educational Hair Portfolio features blank canvases for you to learn, grow and master your craft. From colour to styling, this catalog includes items that guarantee authentic experiences and unparalleled quality.

Yet, we believe in challenging the norms. We’re proud to introduce the Cap Series—our vision of the future. Here, we present a world where creativity knows no bounds, where sustainability isn’t just a word but a pledge.

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This is more than hair. This is where stories are written. This is where JOY STARTS.


The Ultimate Guide by Pivot Point


The Multi-Textured Quad: A Revolution in Textured Hair Mastery

November 02nd, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetology, embracing diversity is the key to success. This inclusivity extends not only to clients but to the very tools we use in our craft. Meet the Multi-Textured Quad, your ultimate partner in mastering textured hair. It’s not just a mannequin; it’s a revolution in cosmetology education.

Embracing Diversity

The beauty of our world lies in its diversity, and it’s time our cosmetology tools reflect that diversity. The Multi-Textured Quad steps up to this challenge by featuring four unique curl patterns:

  1. Wavy (3 mm): The gentle wave that adds grace and charm to any hairdo.
  2. Curly (5 mm): The classic curl that’s fun and versatile.
  3. Very Curly (7 mm): A tighter curl pattern that exudes personality and individuality.
  4. Coily (15 mm): The stunning, tight coils make a bold statement.

Say Goodbye to Prep Time

One of the most significant advantages of the Multi-Textured Quad is the elimination of prep time. Traditional training methods often involve the time-consuming process of setting or manipulating mannequin hair to achieve specific textures. With this revolutionary mannequin, that step becomes a thing of the past.

Boosting Confidence

Confidence is the cornerstone of any cosmetologist’s success. The Multi-Textured Quad provides a real-world experience, allowing you to master various curl patterns without hesitation. As you work with this mannequin, you’ll gain the confidence needed to create stunning textured hair looks for your clients.

Celebrating Texture

Textured hair is a celebration of individuality. With the Multi-Textured Quad, you not only learn how to work with different textures but also come to appreciate and celebrate the beauty in each unique curl pattern.

Transformative Learning Journey

Embark on a transformative learning journey where every curl is embraced. The Multi-Textured Quad opens the door to a world where your tools are as diverse as the beauty that surrounds us. This mannequin will help you develop a deep understanding of textured hair, enabling you to create artistry that celebrates the diversity in your client’s hair.


The Multi-Textured Quad is more than just a mannequin; it’s a vital tool that brings a new level of diversity and inclusion to the cosmetology education landscape. With four distinct curl patterns, the elimination of prep time, and a confidence boost like no other, this revolutionary mannequin is your ally in mastering textured hair. It’s time to embrace every texture with open arms and become a true expert in the art of textured hair. Welcome to a world where your tools are as diverse as the beauty that surrounds us.


Salonability: Cut, Color, Style Is Now Available

July 24th, 2023

Are you passionate about the art of hairdressing and eager to take your skills to the next level? If so, we have fantastic news for you! Pivot Point International, a leading name in the beauty industry, has launched an innovative educational product called “Salonability: Cut, Color, Style.” This groundbreaking program is designed to provide aspiring hairdressers and seasoned professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in the dynamic world of hair fashion.

Salon Reality, Individuality and Authenticity

We all celebrate the beauty of individuality and want to see everyone express themselves authentically. Individual style and sense of self are constantly evolving. Our role as hair designers is to help people feel beautiful, confident and seen at each step of their journey. Salonability: Cut, Color & Style features eight models representing people you might see in your salon, and highlights ways you can enhance their hair’s texture, color and style to reflect their own uniqueness. With 8 cuts, 8 color techniques and 15 styling designs, this comprehensive program encapsulates the unique diversity of our world. We’ve included a range of models in terms of ages, face shapes, body shapes and hair types–from curly to wavy to straight hair and from long to short looks. With 2 step-by-step books, stunning layouts, fabulous packaging, a style selector with fashion images, theory and glossary pages, stylist interviews and our redesigned Pivot Point AR app, Salonability: Cut, Color & Style is packed with rich content.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

As any hairstylist knows, creativity is the heart and soul of hairdressing. Salonability embraces this spirit and offers a comprehensive program that focuses on three essential pillars of hairdressing: cutting, coloring, and styling. The program is carefully curated to empower you with the skills required to unleash your creative potential and translate your artistic visions into stunning hair transformations.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience

Pivot Point International understands that education should be both enjoyable and informative. With Salonability, you’ll experience a dynamic and interactive learning journey that combines step-by-step technical workshops with video, all accessible by AR codes. This unique approach ensures that you receive a well-rounded education that goes beyond theory and enables you to apply your knowledge effectively in practical scenarios.

Industry-Experienced Educators

At the heart of the Salonability program are the industry-experienced educators who are passionate about grooming the next generation of hairdressing maestros. These instructors bring with them a wealth of experience, insider tips, and industry trends, providing you with invaluable insights that go beyond standard textbooks. Their experience and passion will empower you to build the confidence needed to excel in your craft.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Salonability keeps you at the forefront of the hairdressing world by incorporating cutting-edge techniques into its curriculum. From classic and precision cuts to contemporary and avant-garde styles, you’ll master a diverse range of cutting techniques that cater to various hair types and customer preferences. The program also includes in-depth training in hair coloring, ensuring that you become a true master of color transformations.

Styling for All Occasions

As a hairdresser, versatility is key, and Salonability recognizes this by offering comprehensive styling training for all occasions. Whether you’re creating elegant designs, chic looks for fashion shows, or edgy styles for music videos, this program equips you with the skills to tackle any styling challenge with confidence and finesse.

Unlocking Career Opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of Salonability is the career-focused approach it takes. Not only will you become proficient in cut, color, and style, but you’ll also receive valuable skills for building a successful career in the hairdressing industry to help you thrive as a well-rounded professional.

Kickstart Your Future

If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in hairdressing or desire to take your current skills to new heights, Pivot Point International’s Salonability: Cut, Color, Style program is the perfect platform to make your aspirations a reality. With an interactive and engaging learning experience led by industry-experienced educators, you’ll acquire the expertise and confidence needed to become a sought-after hairstylist in a competitive industry.

Invest in your future today and embark on an exciting journey towards hairdressing excellence with Salonability. Let your creativity soar and make your mark in the world of cut, color, and style!

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Intercoiffure and Pivot Point Announce Winners of Nouveau Student Contest

October 17th, 2022

Intercoiffure America Canada and Pivot Point recently held an international contest for young talent still in beauty school. The focus was based around the students’ passion for texture and why texture is important.

“Pivot Point is honored to partner with Intercoiffure America Canada on the Intercoiffure Nouveau Student competition,” says Robert Passage, chairman and CEO of Pivot Point International. “We are a third-generation, family business owned and run by licensed beauty professionals, and, as educators working with beauty school students and their instructors every day, we recognize their tremendous talent. This competition is critically important in sharing that passion and creativity with Intercoiffure salons and the larger beauty industry as a whole.”

“We are especially proud that the theme is texture, reflecting the diversity of both our industry and our customers,” Passage says. “The outstanding Intercoiffure Nouveau Student entries showcase how, as beauty professionals, we can provide our customers with a valuable service and help bring people and communities together. Thank you, Intercoiffure!”

For the first round of the competition, students uploaded a short video where they shared why texture is important. Six finalists were selected, each of which was sent Pivot Point’s elite showcase mannequin “Michelle” who has extremely wavy hair. They were challenged to use any cut, color or style to accentuate the beauty of her natural texture.

Finalists include:

  • Brooklyn Hayes (instructor Kylie Neitz) from Eveline Charles Academy, Alberta, Canada.
  • Dante Alotta (instructor Rodrick Samuels) from Hairlab Detroit, Michigan.
  • Trishelle Pena (instructor Sharell Allen) from Carteret Community College, North Carolina.
  • Varanys Rodriguez (instructor Christina Franklin) from Eric Fisher Academy, Kansas.
  • Vernesha Chisanga (instructor Hope Yelding) from Empire Beauty School, Michigan.
  • Shauna McCorkle (instructor Ellysse J. Clarke) from Tennessee School of Beauty, Tennessee.

The winning student was Shauna McCorkle from the Tennessee School of Beauty, whose instructor is Ellysse J. Clarke. McCorkle and her instructor were flown to New York City to be honored on stage at the Intercoiffure America Canada Fall Atelier. Each of the finalist’s entries were honored on screen at the Intercoiffure America Canada Fall Atelier in New York City and will be featured on their website at

Intercoiffure and Pivot Point Student Contest TSB WinnerAbout Intercoiffure America Canada: Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA), is a prestigious association that welcomes talented, successful salon owners of high moral and ethical character to share friendship, knowledge, and creativity. It’s one of forty sections within the global organization Intercoiffure Mondial. Hairdressers from America and Canada are united through ICA, upholding fairness, equality, professionalism, and change for the better. Members of this organization strive to be the best they can be as salon owners, community leaders, influencers, and human beings that share the common connection of beautifying the world around them. For additional information, visit

About Pivot Point International: Pivot Point International, the driving force behind digital learning and development for hair and beauty education, has been pushing the industry forward for nearly 60 years. Focusing on unrivaled customer engagement and global impact, PIVOT POINT FOR ALL, has always been the vision. Founded by Leo Passage in 1962, three generations of leadership have committed to doing what’s right, making a difference and never compromising integrity, ethics or trust. Pivot Point proudly exhibits corporate responsibility through its ethical manufacturing and social accountability standards established in the production of its premium mannequins and educational tools. The company’s mission to challenge the status quo and fearlessly aim higher has inspired millions of learners, educators and professionals, worldwide. Pivot Point’s learner-focused curriculum and educational tools can be found on six continents.

October 6, 2022 | Modern Salon


Pivot Point Celebrates 5th International Beauty Symposium

October 13th, 2022

August 2022: Pivot Point Mexico celebrated the 5th Simposio Internacional de Belleza in Xcaret Mexico.

Simposio brought together over 700 hairdressers and educators from 12 countries across Latin America for several days of inspiration, education and connection – all presented in a beautiful resort environment.

Pivot Point’s International Artistic Team, including members from the US, Europe and Latin America, developed and led the workshops.

Check out our short video to experience this exceptional event!


Loyola University Award for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

October 06th, 2022


For our ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values and leadership, Pivot Point was recently honored with a 2022 Family Business Award from Loyola University, Chicago.

While we strive to live these values every day, we thank you all for embarking on the journey with us and helping to stay on track. We are beyond proud of our people-focused culture and honored to be recognized.


Pivot Point Announces New Marketing Lead

March 31st, 2022


Pivot Point International, the professional beauty industry’s premier educational resource, announces that Steve Reiss has joined their team as Executive Director, Strategic Marketing & Business Insights. Steve will be responsible for driving awareness and adoption of data-driven products and services that purposefully engage and support beauty professionals and will report directly to Kevin Cameron, Senior Vice President, Education, Marketing & Business Development.

Previously, Steve has led marketing and communications at companies in electronics, packaging, commercial woodworking, and professional beauty, managing websites, conferences and trade shows, research, custom content, and award-winning social media and cause marketing campaigns. In beauty, Steve has been a passionate

industry advocate and agent of change focused on elevating our industry through data and technology. Steve was involved in the hard launch of SalonInteractive, the leading supply chain and eCommerce platform for salons and stylists and, at Modern Salon Media, he championed salon industry data and technology awareness, education, and adoption, developing much of the industry’s critical research and creating the industry’s first technology events – the Data-Driven Salon Summit and the Salon Digital Summit. Steve attended the University of Virginia and is a recent graduate of Northwestern University’s Data Science and Visualization program.

“We are confident that Steve’s foundation in data science and his strategic marketing experience will allow Pivot Point to continue to lead innovation in beauty education services,” said Robert Passage, Pivot Point Chairman & CEO.

Steve’s LinkedIn Profile

Pivot Point For All

PIVOT POINT INTERNATIONAL, INC. | 8725 West Higgins Road | Suite 700 | Chicago, IL 60631 | 847-866-0500


Why Stylists Love Pivot Point Training Heads

December 20th, 2021

When looking for hair education tools, it’s important to ensure you find a product that offers the best quality. There is nothing more frustrating than having your skills held back by tools that don’t make the cut!

So, here at Salons Direct we always make sure that we are bringing you leading training equipment and hair supplies – including a brilliant range of Pivot Point training heads!

Click here to see some of our favourite stylist creations using Pivot Point!

What are Pivot Point Training Heads?

Pivot Point training heads are high-quality handmade mannequins that are perfect for both trainee hairdressers and stylists looking to learn some new techniques – or just practice some old ones!

They feature 100% human hair which has achieved an SA8000 certification. This ensures all hair used is ethically produced in sanctioned conditions which fully guards against any unfair practices, pays fair wages, provides health insurance and provides a safe and healthy working environment.

The Pivot Point range includes an array of hairstyles, with varying lengths and colours to choose from. Unlike some other training heads on the market, Pivot Point’s hair length is measured with a 90-degree projection to give a more realistic idea of the length – rather than simply measuring from crown to tip.

Pivot Point Mannequin Hair Measurements

We asked Pivot Point to give us some more information on how to use their training heads…

What makes Pivot Point heads different from other training heads on the market?

There are a combination of factors that make Pivot Point a really great product. We use premium quality hair that is processed slowly to produce the desired colour while maintaining natural elasticity and shine. It is then hand-implanted at natural angles to ensure it is as realistic as possible. We use more holes per cm2 with fewer hairs for a better density distribution, too.

In addition, we like to be honest about the hair we use. Many of our competitors simply state they use ‘natural hair’ – which could be from any animal! We are always open about when we use human hair vs animal hair – in fact, the goat hair we use is actually stronger than human hair and allows for more vibrant colouring!

Can colour and heat tools be used on all your Pivot Point training heads?

Yes. Apart from Peggy B, which is part synthetic, all the mannequins we sell in the UK are either 100% human, 100% goat hair or a mixture of both. Always read and follow the instructions that come with the mannequins.

Do you have any tips on how to best take care of your Pivot Point Training Heads?

We always advise that our mannequins are treated like humans. Humans can say ‘ouch’ but mannequins cannot!

  • Wash and condition the mannequins hair using good quality products. Rinse with warm/cool water.
  • Use styling products and heat protecting products when normally used.
  • Wash regularly to avoid a build up of hair spray and other products that could cause the hair to be dry and could therefore create more pull on the hair
  • On the long hair mannequins, gradually brush through from the tip first, moving up the hair to avoid excessive pull on the hair.
  • Always do a strand test before colouring

Do you have any advice for stylists on how to choose a training head to suit their needs? 

Most people tend to look for longer hair than they really need. The longer hair is exponentially more costly and is too often simply too heavy and long to work with compared to real clients.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do I need 40cm length hair for haircutting? Or will a premium quality mannequin with top quality hair of 30 cm length, with natural density and low implantation angles enable me to comfortably do 4-6 distinctly different haircuts?
  • Do I need to practice long hair updo’s on mannequins with 50cm length, which doesn’t reflect 99% of the customers I have in the salon?

May 22, 2020 | SalonsDirect

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