Long Hair focuses on the development of efficient and confident commercial long hair styling. This collection offers a wide range of looks to expand your techniques and experience hair as a true art form. The skills learned will help build clientele and benefit existing clients in the salon.

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Long Hair was created under the direction of Sharon Blain, who is an acclaimed international long hair educational artist. Having spent over four decades toiling her craft and perfecting her skills, Sharon is one of the most lauded hairdressers and educators in the world today. Sharon's diverse skills and hairdressing techniques have been consistently rewarded—she won Hair Expo Australia’s Educator of the Year title four times and has been inducted into Hair Expo Australia’s Hall of Fame.



  • Multi-lingual program introduction, concept headings and terminology
  • Educational Concepts section
  • 12 salon-relevant step-by-step photo technicals without language
  • Designed as a note-taking tool within the concept and the step-by-step technicals


  • 3 Multi-lingual DVDs with collection overview
  • 12 hands-on videos with finish variations
  • Two camera perspectives used


  • Look-book to show clients
  • Multiple views of all 12 looks



How Pivot Point Mannequins Are Made


Ever wonder how our mannequins are made? There are many steps that include cuticle smoothing, bathing, conditioning, drying, hackling, mask makeup, implantation, and much more. This carefully executed process gives you the most realistic educational experience possible!