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Salonability Library SBSBP

£ 30.00 each

Salonability - Student 10 Book Library with Artist Access Keycode

This package includes:

  • 10 books, covering 13 topics and support a Level 2 hairdressing qualification
  • 2 year login to Salonability On-line

Salonability On-line includes:

  •  eBooks – for each topic, with note taking facility
  • Glossary of terms – spoken terms, with descriptors and images
  • Video Workshops – Step-by-steps
  •  Learning Activities – interactive and editable pdf’s
  • Performance Reviews:Formative assessment records

For colleges, training providers, academies or salons, who use Salonability with their trainee’s additional resource are available for Educators, which include:

Educator Guidance:How to use the Salonability programme and its components

Generic Documents:Initial Assessment, Individual Learning Plan, Template Lesson Plan and Mindful Teaching® Activities

Topic-Specific Resources:

  • Topic Plan (scheme of work):Sessions on how to deliver topic content
  • Example Lesson Plan:One session from the Topic Plan providing guidance on delivery to trainees at different stages and with different levels of ability
  •  Slide Presentations:A series of slides prepared ready for you to use when delivering the topic
  •  Overview of Learning Challenges Plus (LC Plus):Reference document listing all the activities relating to the topic
  • LC Plus Answer Keys:Answers to the Learning Challenges Plus

For information on Salonability Educator Resources, Contact Us