Academy Aims to Offer 5* Training

Yvonne Marvell is the Academy Director at Marvell & Hair Group Academy, Swindon. Who’s academy aim is to offer 5* training for hairdressers in a well established 5* salon. 

Yvonne, the educators and learners at the academy, have being using Pivot Point’s Salonability programme for two years and had this to say about the 2015 updates: 

“Staff and students at Marvell & Hair Group Academy, particularly like the new videos to meet the new NVQ standards. The men’s step-by-step workshops cover great, up to date hairstyles for the students to follow and practice. The party/prom hair up video in the set and dress topic, is also a great tool for the level 3 students to use and all the new videos have subtitles, which help to clarify and aid understanding for the students.”